Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dark Shoots RED for Dolby Demo

By Marc Loftus

LOS ANGELES - Filmmaker Randall Dark ( has spent the past two weeks shooting footage for an upcoming Dolby Labs presentation. When Post caught up with Dark, he was in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, shooting a timelapse sequence, and had already spent several days in both Dallas and Miami, shooting footage for the project. He was also planning a trip to Toronto to round out production.

According to Dolby's Gaven Wang, the presentation will be shown at tradeshows and will highlight the company's new HDR video technology. For the Miami and Wyoming shoots, Dark worked with DP and Red camera owner Ken Michael, who will also handle the post for his segments of the project.

Dark says the project is due to the client on November 10th. Michael shot his segments using a Nikon adapter and lenses. Shooting in 4K, Michael captured footage to a rugged 320GB drive. At the end of each day, footage is transferred to a 4TB drive that Dark recently purchased. Michael will be editing the project in Final Cut Pro and will transcode the r3d files to the ProRes codec.

The Dolby presentation marks the first time Dark - who considers himself format agnostic - has worked with the Red camera. Dark will remain the owner of the unused footage and will add it to his own high definition footage collection.

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