Monday, May 31, 2010

2010 Digital Cinema Festival Overview

The Macao China International Digital Cinema Festival and Entertainment Technology Expo is complete and is being touted by its founders and participants as a huge success.

Kicked-off with ceremonial Chinese pomp and circumstance, the traditional ribbon cutting was replaced with a film cutting. The festival’s Creative Director, Randall Dark said, “I thought it was poetic that we cut 35mm film to launch our event.” Keynote speaker, Scott Ross, former CEO and founder of Digital Domain offered insight and candor to a room full of eager participants.

Seminars on 3D followed with industry experts such as Pierre De Lespinois and Scott Billups. Dark added that "It was amazing to have Chinese and Americans on the same panel discussing their mutual passion for this hot topic. Sharing ideas and passion is what makes an international festival so important.”

Festival Chairmen Jeff Greene stated that "Getting support from the Macao Government was key to launching a successful festival at the world class Venetian Hotel. This was their first festival and after only one day, they initiated discussions on how to make it bigger next year.

Gallery of photos from the event

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Chinese children get private Disney screening

For Immediate Release

May 29, 2010
Macao, China

The final day of the Macao China International Digital Cinema Festival and Entertainment Technology Expo ended with over a hundred children from the city of Macao enjoying a private screening of Disney's "Tinker Bell And The Lost Treasure." A special digital cinema was created in the Venetian Hotel for this event that showcased the Cantonese version the film.

After the screening, the Producer, Sean Lurie accepted questions from the young audience. " It was great fun to watch the children enjoy our movie,” said Lurie, “but what was amazing was that one of the questions I was asked was whether the next installment would come out in 3D.”

Festival Artistic Director Randall Dark stated that " The mandate of our Festival is not just to involve industry professionals but also the local community. Seeing all those children take part in our event was probably the most important moment for me during the festival."

Read more about the first digital cinema festival in China at the official website:
Macao China International Digital Cinema Festival & Entertainment Technology Expo

Producer Sean Lurie (Disney's "Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure") and Randall Dark field questions at a private screening for Chinese children.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Festival brings Hollywood experts to Macau

from the Macao Daily Times newspaper
by Alexandra Lages

The first Macau International Digital Cinema Festival and Entertainment Technology Expo will open tomorrow at The Venetian. The event brings to Macau experts from Hollywood, Hong Kong and mainland China and aims to be a platform between Asian and Western filmmakers and TV broadcasters.

“What’s happening is that in the entertainment world today there is a revolution. The world of TV and film making is changing. And we brought top Hollywood experts in digital effects that have worked in Titanic, Avatar and Lord of the Rings,” Jeff Greene from the organization told reporters yesterday.

“The idea is doing an event when you bring together top digital and filmmaking experts from Hollywood and mainland China,” he added.

The event will interweave leading entertainment companies and broadcasters in China with global leaders in technology, manufacturers and world-class content creators. Until Saturday, the event will feature industry leading speakers, celebrities, digital motion picture screenings, seminars, panel discussions, award winning independent and student films, opening night gala and receptions.

It focuses on the latest advances and technologies of 21st century motion picture and television production.

Keynote speakers include: Scott Ross, visual effects expert producer of Hollywood blockbusters “The Terminator”, “X-Men”, “I Robot”; Scott Billups, an award-winning director/cinematographer who has produced, directed, written and shot numerous feature films, television programs and commercials; and Randal Kleiser, director, writer and producer whose first feature was “Grease” and “The Blue Lagoon”.

Tim Smith will present the new Canon cameras and digital motion picture photography, while Ted Schilowitz is the official spokesperson for the Red Digital Cinema Company.

Randall Dark, from the organization, said during his speech, that the festival will join new and old filmmakers, and everyone interested in digital cinema and entertainment. Seminars are open to the public.

“Students will have an opportunity to make questions to top experts,” Greene pointed out.

According to the organization, China has recently begun to broadcast in high definition, and as Chinese broadcasters and content creators adapt to the change there is a great interest and opportunity in entertainment technology and its effect on every stage of the creative process, from inception through to final delivery.

Greene said that for its first year, the event is starting small, with only 10 participants from Hollywood, mainland China, Hong Kong and Japan, as well as celebrities from China and Hong Kong. Next year, the festival is expected to be bigger.

The festival is produced by Burma Road Productions in association with Randall Dark Productions. Both companies have been developing projects in mainland China and Hong Kong

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

WealthTV taps Randall Dark Productions for 3D content

3D Content Production underway for Lifestyle and Entertainment Network

SAN DIEGO, CA – May 10, 2010 – WealthTV, the premier luxury lifestyle and entertainment network, today announced that it has concluded a deal with Randall Dark Productions to produce a travelogue in 3D. The initial 3D episode scheduled for airing on WealthTV later this summer, will capture the awe-inspiring natural wonders of the Smoky Mountains along with thrilling theme park attractions and exciting entertainment found in three Tennessee cities.

Read the entire press release here.