Thursday, November 10, 2005

Dark moderates HD Expo panel

HD Expo panel discussion "Closing Escrow - The Movie" concentrated on HD independent production from concept to distribution. The seminar/discussion focused on how to raise funds, determine acquisition format, cost structure/budgets, post production and distribution.

Randall P. Dark, Executive Producer for Closing Escrow, moderated the event. Panelists included Scott Billups, HD Guru and Cinematographer for Closing Escrow; Armen Kaprelian, Director and Executive Producer Closing Escrow; Kristen Cox, Producer for Closing Escrow; and Kent Llewellyn, Story Editor and Co- Director.

Tuesday, November 1, 2005


At a different conference, Randall Dark, president of U.S. company HD Vision, addressed the production community attending the second of two HD Track conferences of the day, entitled "Making HD Make Business Sense: How to Avoid Financial Hiccups." "If you don't go HD, you won't have any shelf life," he commented.

The higher-ups reasoned that by using HD, they could sell the programs to more markets; thus HD can be employed for financial, rather than aesthetic, reasons.

excerpt from Video Age International