Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Newest Projects shot with Maxell HDCAM


LAS VEGAS, April 17 -- Maxell Corporation of America's Professional Media Products Division has extended it's relationship with Randall Dark and his new enterprise, Randall Dark Productions, to provide performance based media that meet the demand for his latest high-definition productions including a Won-G rap video and numerous travel documentaries with footage available through FootageBank.

Randall Dark Productions have been chosen to direct and produce the video for the upcoming single release for "We Must Pray" by rap sensation Won-G featuring The TrollMates, a Tween super group and guest rap artist, Hood Surgeon, son of the legendary Dr Dre.

The video will be shot in Los Angeles with Maxell HDCAM media to capture the first collaboration between Won-G, The TollMates and Hood Surgeon. The high-definition footage on Maxell tape will allow the group to artistically bring to life its message and reach its audience in a vivid and compelling medium.

Maxell media has also been extensively used by Randall Dark Productions in a series of travel documentaries, and stock footage video available through FootageBank. HD footage has been recently captured by Dark using Maxell HDCAM across a diverse set of destinations, climates and shooting environments in Europe, China, Wyoming, and Hawaii.

"Our demanding schedule calls for reliability in the products we use and I trust that Maxell tapes including the HDCAM product will stand up to my difficult shot locations and time sensitive projects and provide me with quality footage regardless of the environment or pace of assignments," said Randall Dark. "We will continue producing HD film projects at an unprecedented rate. The playing field is leveled and high-quality content can be brought to market very quickly and inexpensively."

Maxell HDCAM videocassettes utilized by Dark and his production company feature ultra-high-performance binder systems to achieve exceptional durability, essential to resilience in the volatile environments of ENG/EFP recordings. The binder systems also help Maxell HDCAM perform well during long-term archiving. The 1/2" metal particle tape cassette incorporates super-fine Ceramic Armor Metal particles (0.1 micron size) to achieve an exceptional output level and to surpass the low noise requirements of HDCAM's 7-to-1 compression algorithm. Maxell HDCAM videocassettes feature a recording density 1.4 times greater than Digital BETACAM for superior digital and video archiving performance.

The small cassette lineup of HDCAM includes 6, 12, 22, 32, and 40 minute cassettes, while the large cassette lineup includes tapes that run 64, 94 and 124 minutes.