Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Conquering "The Rock"

Randall Dark, President of HD Vision Studios and crew traveled to Banff, Alberta and captured HD footage of professional rock climbers pushing their skills to the limit. The completed program will be shown at retail stores to demonstrate DLP(TM) technology in DLP HDTVs and front projectors.

The production titled, The Rock was captured using the Sony F-900 Cine-Alta Camera and was shot in 30p. "I wanted to give the project a different look and have been doing some shooting in 30p for another client. This seemed like a good application for further experimenting," says Randall Dark.

Editing will be completed in Los Angeles in a linear HD Suite. Staff editor, Jayme Wing will assemble the hottest images in a fast-paced demonstrative form using a Sony 9100 editor to HD Cam decks.

Dark is anxious to see the fruit of his risky labor. Strapped into the side of a helicopter and circling above the climbers, he convinced the pilot to position the chopper such that Dark was able to shoot directly down the face of Ha Ling Peak as the climbers came up at him. "I only let the camera slip once..." says Randall, "...even though I knew it was tethered to the aircraft, I thought I was going to have a heart attack!"

The Rock will debut at consumer electronic retail stores and trade shows worldwide in the coming months.

from iCom Film & Video Production & Postproduction Magazine