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Novalux teams up with Dark for demo content

Digital TV Designline
(05/26/2006 10:36 AM EDT)

SUNNYVALE, Calif., -- Novalux, Inc., developer of Novalux Extended Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (NECSEL) (tm) technology, will demonstrate prototype high-definition (HD) rear-projection laser television (RPTV) during Society for Information Display (SID) 2006, June 6 - 9, in San Francisco, California.

"Our SID demo marks the debut of speckle-free, bright, color-saturated prototype laser TV based on our NECSEL technology," said Greg Niven, Novalux vice president of marketing. "To showcase the system's performance, we've tailored several minutes of high-definition content. This will give viewers the chance to see what laser TV provides-better color, contrast and brightness than other competitive technologies, even on large home theater screens."

Novalux worked with producer Randall Dark to create high-definition demo content. Dark, founder of Los Angeles-based HD Vision Studios, is considered one of the most accomplished producers in the high-definition field. "Randall Dark represents the best in the HD television entertainment industry," said Niven. "We're excited to have worked with him on our custom content. We'd like demo viewers to see that laser TV is the only display technology that truly generates lifelike image quality."

Novalux first introduced concept NECSEL-based RPTVs during the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). These early units demonstrated the expanded color gamut and striking image contrast that laser technology provides. The company's latest prototype displays even higher brightness, color-balanced, speckle-free, high-definition images on a 52-inch screen. Ultimately, Novalux aims to enable home theater systems that marry over 200% of NTSC color coverage, high-brightness, high-resolution images, a thin, wide viewing angle architecture, and unsurpassed light source lifetime-all for a price tag of under a thousand dollars.

Lasers have long been recognized for their potential as illumination sources for projection applications due to their wide color gamut and high light energy efficiency. Historically, however, lasers have lacked the power, the small form factor and cost performance to realize laser-based projection TVs. NECSEL lasers overcome these obstacles, making them an ideal light source for next-generation RPTVs and home theater front projectors.

NECSEL devices are housed in a revolutionary package smaller than a matchbox. All NECSEL light sources produce color-saturated output, allowing them to reach a larger color space than competitive lighting technologies. And NECSEL sources provide bright, speckle-free output, resulting in clear, vibrant images unattainable by any other lighting technology. Additional advantages include long lifetime, instant-on and low ├ętendue.

Novalux will hold its SID 2006 laser TV demos from June 7-9 at the Marriott Hotel in downtown San Francisco. Other opportunities to learn about Novalux and NECSEL technology include the Projection Summit 2006 in Orlando, Florida, where Greg Niven will present "Status, Costs and Trends in Lasers for Displays" on June 5; the SID 2006 Investors Conference, where Novalux Chairman and CEO Jean-Miche Pelaprat will present "Novalux's Role in the Emerging Laser Display Market" on June 7; and the SID 2006 Symposium, where Greg Niven will present "Low-Cost Lasers for Projection Displays" on June 9.

About Novalux:
Founded in 1998, Novalux has developed proprietary Novalux Extended Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (NECSEL) technology. NECSEL technology combines mass volume manufacturability with excellent optical performance. NECSEL device attributes include bright, reliable, consistent, speckle-free light output from a compact, low-cost package, making them ideal for current- and next-generation display applications.

For more information about Novalux, please contact Vice President of Marketing Greg Niven at (408) 773-3433, or visit

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